Health and Wellness Services in Houston

A Resource Center for Women and Their Families

WRC-Houston partners with other organizations and coalitions to present topics of interest to women and families from every walk of life.

IPS offers therapy, training, and crisis intervention

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Online and face-to-face services

We see our patients and ourselves as being parts of a community made up of many different groups.

Institute for Psychological Srvcs.

The confidential place to smooth your rough spots and search together with a specialist for places and ways of using life's difficulties as tools for growth.

Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center (WRC-Houston) offers a variety of assistance, including access to information and services for health and financial wellness to women and families from every walk of life. We bring together family, school, spiritual resources and other stake holders in the community to aid personal, family development and community well-being.

Exciting Houston Events

Join us at the Glory Community Thrift Store, the Stressless Cafe and other places in Houston for fantastic events where you can get the 411 on ways to develop and sustain a healthier physical and financial lifestyle. So come on out it will be a blast.
One of our objectives is to continue building our supportive relationships within the community. We actively collaborate with churches, community centers, civic associations, and organizations: American Cancer society, Pilgrim Community Center, African American Health Coalition, Shape Community Center, Southeast Civic Association, Southwest AME Church, St Vincent de Paul, Gateway To Care Collaborative, Community Service Center Job Net.
Our efforts will continue to strengthen our collaborative network for community building of community health, and financial resources.