We’re specialist in  onsite and online counseling and psychological service for  individuals interested in maintaining  optimum  mental/physical health.  This is the confidential place to smooth your rough spots and search together with a specialist for places and ways of using difficulties for growth.

Our  services are infused with cultural sensitivity and diversity to equip you both  mentally and physically,   so you can experience all that life has to offer.   Everyone can benefit from our services whether they are experiencing a life event that has taken  on crisis proportion or just searching for access to counseling and psychological information and resources that will help them lead a full and active lifestyle.


Women’s Resource Center
Our specialist at Psychological Care Solutions can  assist in identifying  information, resources and tools you can use to prevent,  survive and/or  recover from  mental/physical health issues that may keep you from enjoying life at its fullest.   To learn more about how we can help you visit the following areas :


                  About Us and Our Services





Marriage/Relationship  Fitness

img_marriageCouples can get counseling on how to avoid and/or overcome some of  the most common pitfalls they  encounter during marriage.  If you’re serious about deepening your connection with your partner you need to know the secret to these key ingredients

  •  Stop a divorce or avoid a separation 
  •  Don’t feel stuck? How to have a breakthrough      
  • Getting  past the pain and moving forward

If you want to get your marriage/relationship back on track our specialist can equip you with the marriage success skills you need.

Learn More

Better Mental/Physical Health

img_temp-crisisHave  you ever noticed that some people seem way too happy.  They are always upbeat.  and  see everything in a positive, optimistic, and charitable way.  They have learned that “It is not the circumstances that we meet, it is the manner in which we respond that determine health  happiness and  success”.

Building this kind of  a vibrant  self-esteem  begins with  maintaining a healthy mind and body connection.  There is an infinite number of emotionally super-charged  events that can disrupt your emotional health and lead to strong feelings of sadness, anxiety or physical injuries.  If you have one or more  of these symptoms and you’re ready to live your best life now,  we can help?   Find out more

How Online Therapy Works

img_onlineWe offer culturally sensitive community-based therapy and supportive-care resources that are available Tue – Thurs at several locations around Houston.   If  you have a disability that affects your mobility or find your coworker or spouse are in a different location when you would like to work on an impasse or frustrations,  you are an ideal candidate for our online one-on-one or group sessions.
This option is also available to patients who  have hearing problems or like anonymity.  The services are conducted using the Internet or by phone.    Learn more about online treatment.

Get Help With Workplace Training

Now more than ever,  it is  important to have access to resources that will equip you with  the latest training to keep your skill-sets updated and fined tuned.   That’s why we developed “Smile and Serve” one of the best  Customer Service Training workshops in Houston.
  If your job has been downsized, outsourced or you just want to propel yourself  to a  higher level of success in your career you need to attend one of our the first-rate training sessions.

Our training resources are designed to fit every professional need.   Learn More


Mental/Physical Health Resources

  • Healthy eating
  • Addictions
  • Weight lost
  • Sexual health
  • Stop smoking
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Careers
  • Weight loss guide
  • Winter health
  • and More

Maintaining an optimum level of  mental/physical health is not a destination that once you get there you can rest on your laurels.  It’s a never ending  journey that we all must travel,  that often takes us outside of our comfort zone. Visit our website often  to find the latest information on living well.



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