What We Do

 Mission &  Philosophy


We at Psychological Care Solutions share a common philosophy. We see our patients and ourselves as being parts of a community made up of many different groups. We accept the needs of these different personalities, cultures, and genders and value these differences for the balance and creativity that comes from the connection of so many varying perspectives.



Our mission is to provide therapy, training, and crisis intervention in ways that recognize the unique talents, strengths, and cultural goals of each client/patient. We bring together family, school, community, and spiritual resources for personal family development and community well-being.


We offer a both  online and face-to-face services to help people thrive mentally and physically and lead healthier lives using:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Topic groups
  • Training groups
  • Employer-employee resolutions sessions
  • Workshops for parents and couples
  • Interventions

On occasion “outreach sessions” may be scheduled in your neighborhood via motor home visitation, depending on scheduling, need and client/patient location.


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